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It's been too long since I've updated. I went off of SCD because I wanted to get tested for a gluten intolerance. Let me tell ya, the results came back normal, but was I ever sick! It makes it easy to stay away from the illegal foods! I thought sugared donuts would be the quick and dirty way, and it was. I was so ill that first night.

But, I'm back on the diet, it's been about three weeks and I'm beginning to feel good again. My face is getting less puffy and my joints are aching less. I even had more energy than my other half last weekend!

I haven't been super strict, but it's helping still. The diet AND the yogurt is helping. Yesterday I made muffins with almond flour and baking soda. If you attempt it.. don't overfill the muffin tins/paper. About 2/3 full is enough, or they blow up and make quite a mess!

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The weight has started to drop and I'm happy to say that I've been feeling great! The food is good and I find turned off by the prospect of sugar laden wheat goodies. But.. this week I'm forcing myself and it's going hard for my system.

Last weekend I started eating breads, pastas.. etc.

I have neared the end of my Synthroid prescription and during my trip to the walk in to ask for the next round (which should result in blood tests first), I'm also going to request being tested for Celiac, hence the carbs.

My body hates them now, I've been sick, sore and tired all week. Sick moreso last night after trying to eat mini doughnuts, I thought they were one of the fastest ways to get gluten into my system.. I think I was right, but it was oh so wrong. It was like having the flu without actually throwing up. Interesting to know in any case. How can I like food that makes me sick? Easy answer, now.. I don't like that food anymore.
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Welcome to la_luna_llena!

I've not posted much, I've been busy at work dealing with a co-worker getting ill, and new hiree quitting and me getting a new position! ''yay.

I haven't had the time to dedicate to cooking and preparing meals and with everything going out bad foods are calling out to me.

I've started going to Curves again regularly, I found one on the way home from work that's pretty low key and the staff isn't as condescending as the one I belonged to.

This post was more to say welcome to Heyfoureyes than as a health update, not much to report but the fault lies with me not with the diet.
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Doing fine

I didn't update last weekend, but I've added Bromelain to my vitamins and that gave me a boost too. So many good boosts in the past few weeks! It's nice to answer "Fantastic!" with enthusiasm when people ask me how I am.

I've been daydreaming of getting a "pin-up" pic done of me when and if I resume to a weight where I am comfortable. We have an old plane museum here.. now if only I could get Harry Connick Jr to sit in the crew like Memphis Belle!
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General update

Relations and weight The good news is that despite this week's fall from the SCD, I've still remained with an elevated amount of energy and motivation, as well as keeping a connection with life around me. I've found that lately I've only had the brain power mentally and emotionally touch my own body and do checks on how I am. But I'm finding in the past three weekends more connection to Mark enough to have great days and conversations with him when I see him on the weekend. We do live together, but work opposite shifts, so when I see him during the week, one of us is sleeping or just barely aroused from sleeping enough to say hello before dropping back off to lala land. He pointed out today he believe's I've lost some weight.. I think I've lost bloatedness. lol

Vision: My vision hasn't improved, and this week they were especially gritty. Last night I awoke with a type of headache becoming more familiar to me in the past year. I'm not a stranger to headaches, but these start right behind one of my eyes, not selectively the same eye each time. Putting pressure on my eye gives temporarily relief, but the headache still builds to an almost migraine status if I don't take care of it. They've been less frequent in the past two months, in the summer it seemed like one a week, but this morning I awoke with that same feeling. The headache in the past has not been helped with sleep, only ibuprophen, but this one did leave with sleep. That's promising, I'd much rather use sleep to cure a headache than medication.

Vitamins: I'm still taking Selenuim and Chewable Vita-Vims, although I missed a day this week. The Vita-vim I save for after the meal and it's sadly like having a candy. Whatever works! lol

Sleep, fatique and mood It was a horrible week for sleeping, wind storms and Mark's bad timing for coming home from work resulted in some night with only 5 hours sleep. At the height of my symptoms, that would have rendered me completely helpless and lost. It was difficult at work this week, I was very emotional, due to what typically for me is a lack of sleep, and I was drained enough to only want to come home after putting in a days work but overall I could still carry out a day and be productive.

Speach I don't mention speach often in updates but I did have more trouble this week putting finished sentences together and finding the words I know are there. It's never been a major issue to me, bad days are bad days and I don't get overly self concious, those that are in contact with me every day come to expect broken sentences and unfound words. This week I was stopped in my tracks a few times unable to finish communicating simply because the words wouldn't pop in my brain to allow me to spit the right words out. This week it made me feel like I looked unknowlegable and wishy washy, perhaps that's because I'm training a new employee and I'd rather sound more confident and have explainations flow so she can understand more easily. So, I'm not sure if it was worse this week or just more noticable and frustrating to me because of my interactions.

General All but three nails have broken. I've broken out this week in small bumps around my chin (typical), but my sensitivity to face products has decreased.. either that or I'm doing the right steps for once and Lush is all natural anyway.
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Jan. 6th, 2007

For the life of me I can't wake up today. I'm so drained, but I'm sad to say I did it to myself. Last night I drank two hot chocolates.. I cheated.

I didn't think I would see that much of a difference but it's the only thing I can think of that would cause such a lapse. Foggy, stiff, drained.

I have noticed the puffiness in my face has been getting better this week along with my energy levels.. until now.

Let's hope this fall off the wagon doesn't result in too long of a recuperation period. Feeling like this isn't worth it, I don't see me putting much sugar into my system after this weekend's lesson. The one tea a week was okay, but that's all I'm permitting myself after this weekend. Whether is be true physical changes or some mental trigger.. I don't care. What I do care about is how I feel daily, and the SCD was working, it's the only thing that has changed. It's the only thing I can think of.

Well, that's a big slap on the wrist for me. Next time I'm PMSing.. fight the cravings harder, it's for my own wellbeing.

We are celebrating an early birthday this weekend, when Mark comes home we'll be going out to dinner to Brewsters. I know Beer is also illegal, but I was going to try the raspberry ale. There was one at home I loved. I don't drink so when I do.. It's a few for the taste and the quality, not to get pissed. In fact, I feel tipsy and physically I can't drink another sip, it turns into the worse taste ever. Maybe I'll get Mark to order one and I'll take a sip. The meal I will still remain true to SCD. Now I'm wondering if I should even go, if I've already hindered my status and made myself feel like shit already.. why not do the weekend and get it out of my system? Then I can resume more dedicated for the cause and the health. Funny how we teach ourselves what's best for us, testing the water one last time to prove it to ourselves, making the dedication just "that much" easier to bear.

At least this verifies I was improving and can feel healthy again. The promise of that once I restrict myself again is more hope than I've had in 6 months.
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Drinks on me!

Mark has been a sweetheart and made me some wonderful Ginger-Ale to sip on outside of diluted grape juice, diluted apple cider and orange juice. And today I find black cherry juice at my grocers!

The ginger ale takes a little getting used to, it's stronger than most drinks I've had in the past month.

Check it out!

Today I was a little melancholy as I was grocery shopping, walking around seeing all the easy foods not on the legal list. But the thought hit me that after work I simply went without extra though, I filled my refill prescription AND considered going to the video store and rent a movie! All after a full day's work! That's enough right there to keep me on the diet, I'm getting more energy everyday.

At the grocery store I bought Vita-Vim chewable vitamins and Selenium. I've got some research to do on Selenuim, it seems to be a popular vitamin on the thyroid community and I'm not sure why... yet. We'll see if they add extra boosts of energy to my day. This is the first day I feel I'm getting better! There have been good days, but it's snowballing into great days lasting longer!
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Easy to prepare and very very tasty! I'll definitely make this one again and again.. I made soup with the left overs and the lemon also gives the soup a nice different flavor.

GREAT recipe!


**Old family trick, pour boiling water over the chicken before cooking and the skin tightens up. For this chicken I mixed water and lemon juice to add a little extra flavor.**
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One Month Update

It's been a month on SCD and the work has been worth it! I haven't changed weight at all, but this is more about getting healthy anyway. I can cook plain chicken.. etc, but I've used the break to branch out and cook recipes listed on a few sites. Some are absolute winners and others... not so much. The yoghurt is the hardest to made since the temperature must be consistant for 24 hours. I've been using a heating pad and thermometer but thankfully Mark's aunt has offered her yoghurt maker. The first two batches I threw out because I thought they were bad, but the third looked fine.. and tasted the same. rofl. Mixing it with a bit of honey and fruit in a blender makes a wonderful fruit smoothy, the mousse was okay, (I used blueberry) but not a favorite, perhaps another fruit would be better. The orange mousse recipe was much tastier and smoother.

I was near tears all day Friday and Saturday but I absolutely believe this to be withdrawal from sugar and complex carbs. I quit smoking a little over 5 years ago and I had the exact same withdrawal symptoms around the same time. I know after the first month the weekly breakdowns lessen.I'm glad I quit smoking years back and had those close to me analyze my behavior and help me through, now I can pick up more easily on withdrawal symptoms.

And let me tell you! ITCHY like you couldn't imagine. Friday night after fighting the itchies for about 20 mins, I got up and took a shower thinking that would help. No such luck. I ended up finally dozing off on the couch. Not sure if the itching is withdrawal, but timing tells me it could have been.

I have cheated a few times, but it wasn't anything spectacularly great, a few bites here of what now tastes like over processed crap (food), some bits of chocolate (YUM) and I'm allowing myself a weekly tea with mild and sugar. The tea I was born and raised on, I think it's a minimal cheat and worth the liberation and satisfaction it provides.

- my irritable bowel and gas have lessened as has bloating (immense difference for the better).
- My mood has ramped up a bit bringing back some energy to go for walks and hikes as well as giving me motivation to get out instead of being inside all weekend. I even suggested a trip to the movies yesterday! Most the the energy is going into cooking and cleaning after cooking, but it's worth it. I'm even looking forward to some projects to undertake in the next year.. that's an amazing improvement!
- my mind has been a little clearer and not as foggy in the past few weeks. I find myself thinking on my drive home instead of being on auto-pilot.

- I'm still getting headaches
- vision and dry eyes haven't improved. The past week has been 8 out of 10
- I think joint soreness has slightly decreased but my back soreness has remained the same. Hopefully I'll see that change in the next few weeks/months.
- I still tire easily, and usually at the end of a burst of productive energy I'm drained for about a half hour or more. The good news is that I'm not "done in" for the entire day.
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sore feets

I have experienced soreness at the bottom of my feet that extends up my achilles. I'm starting to feel like a hypocondriac. I had an inkling it might have to do with the extra weight but leg cramps I get at night and not stretching may be more the cause. I posted in the Thyroid community as ccryder, here's the post:


Plantar fasciitis made sense, so I'm going to start doing stretches on my own to see if it helps.

I'm doing well, Mark said he noticed my energy level is up. I didn't whine at the prospect of taking the dog for a walk and urged Mark we should follow up his idea for the holiday to visit a local museum.

At the end of the day I'm zonked, but quality of life is going up.. that's great.

I drafted a letter to send ( thanks to kat-o-9 who started it here: http://community.livejournal.com/thyroid/664975.html?mode=reply )to the lab that did my bloodwork pointing to the old normal range vs the one recommended by the AACE, I may alter the letter slightly and send it to all the labs in Calgary. If I get more active it may benefit me and others who are not even told they are borderline! That idea makes it worth it, I've always found it easier to speak for those without a voice instead of speaking for myself.

It's into town for me to pick up some ocean salt from one of my favorite stores, Lush that will hopefully help exfoiliate my dry skin, pick up some late pressies and get a haircut.
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